Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Big Announcement

It is with mixed emotions that I make this announcement……I have become a Sisterlocks trainee. I took that training class that was held here in Atlanta on 12/1-12/4. I finally decided to take the class because I get tons of ladies asking me who does my hair. When I tell them I did/do my hair that is usually followed up with, “can you do my hair?” I usually refer them to the Sisterlock website or YouTube to find a local consultant, or ways to achieve that look themselves. Then I got to thinking that could have been a potential client. So looking at it in a business mind frame I choose to invest in becoming a consultant. Even if I only end up installing a handful of clients as least I have that knowledge and that can never be taken away from me. In a past post I have mentioned that I don’t want to do anyone else’s hair because I feel that it would not be appreciated plus I would be super careful not to do something to their hair I wouldn’t want done to mine. Well over a period of 5 days approximately 36hrs I installed braidlocks on a friend of mine. She asked me about me saying that I didn’t want to do anyone’s hair. After I explained it to her she mentioned to me that, more than likely people looking to have Sisterlocks/braidlocks etc will come into it with knowledge that it’s a HUGE time commitment and so won’t complain as much. With that being said it has given me a little bit more confidence to get out there and start to market myself. Im not fully ready to start installing locks on clients just yet because in the next few months I plan on moving and Im looking to have a house with a basement so that that area would be fully dedicated to me and the my future business venture. Here are a few before and after pictures.

After 36 hrs, I feel so accomplished. I know the more I do it the faster I will become.

Now an update of my hair progress. Nothing new to mention beside my hair is getting so long and I love every inch of it.