Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun with Color

For a long time now I have wanted to color my hair the color it was before I started my lock journey. After reading blog after blog and chat forums everyone was saying to wait at least until your hair fully locks to prevent any slippage and the fact the hair my go straight that will also hinder the locking process. First I didn’t know how long my hair would take to fully lock, a year, two years, what ever that case might be I didn’t want to wait that long to color my hair. Being so new to the world of locks I was scared that if I colored my hair before time my locks would be messed up. I got my SL done in July so had I stayed on that path I would have been 9.5 months locked, but since I started over in November I am only 5 months locked. There are about 20 or so that are fully locked so again I didn’t know what to do.
Monday on my way to drop my daughter off at tap/ballet I looked in the rear view mirror was decided that I would color my hair and if it mess up SO WHAT!! It’s my hair and I can always do it over if I needed to that’s the beauty of being a DIYer. So after dropping Jada off I went to Kroger and bought two boxes of Dark and Lovely Golden Bronze color. At the self check out I kept looking at the boxes asking my self if this is what I really wanted to do. Finally I just paid for the boxes and left before I changed my mind for the 100th time. After picking Jada up from class 7:15 then picking up my son (Sean) from my moms house 7:25, then going home making some thing to eat, giving them baths, and ready for bed it was nearing 8:45 which is close to my bed time 9:00-9:30. I knew it would take a long time to twist and band my hair, put the color in, let it sit, wash it out let my hair dry all before I went to bed. So I said I would do it tomorrow.

Tuesday I pick Jada up from School, then pick Sean up from my moms house and Im at home by 5:30 more than enough time to get everything done, and I didn’t have to cook. My grandmother, who lives with my mom, and watches Sean while I’m at work, made my kids dinner. I started doing everything else besides start doing my hair, cleaned the cat litter box out, played a game on the computer, watched a show on TV then I just stopped what I was doing and told myself I wanted to do this so I need to stop playing around and making excuses. I started twisting my hair, and banding it. I didn’t want to twist tight so the color could saturate the natural color of my hair. Mixed both boxes of color then before I could think about it I just globbed it on, and hoped for the best. I was just so tired of changing my mind and thinking the worst was going to happen. I had to do the same thing when I cut my hair. I kept going back and forth with the idea. So after I waited for about 45 mins (although the box says 30 mins) I took my shower cap off and looked at what had changed already. I could see that my roots defiantly took the color well the rest I could not really tell. After I washed all the color out and washed it again about 3 times after that with my own shampoo I looked in the mirror and really couldn’t see any change. Yeah it was lighter just a smidge but nothing really popping out at you. I knew it would not come out the color on the box because of the color I started with but I wanted something just a lighter. Oh well Ill just try again at another time. I let my hair dry wrapped it up and went to bed.

Well when i woke up this morning took my scarf off I could see the color. I was pleased with it still not look at me I colored my high light but I can work with this. I really like it.