Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have a coworker who is always telling me that she wants to go natural but she doesn’t know if she can. I have gotten on my soap box more than one time with her but after awhile I just had to stop because I realize that until she is comfortable with who she really is and really ready to be natural there is nothing that anyone can say to convince her otherwise.

So the other day she walks up to me and say your hair is really cute when its curled. I thanked and started to go on about my business then she asked me so how long are you going to let them things grow. If yall could have seen the look on my face. WTF?! Im thinking what kind of question is that? It took everything in me not to say something really ugly. I simply said as long as I want my hair to grow then asked her back, how long are you going to keep going let your damage hair grow out? I think she thought I was kidding but really what kind of question is that?! I'm like what ever.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shut your mouth

Now I know my hair is growing and getting longer because I retigten every 3 to 4 weeks so I know that my hair is growing just from that fact, but the other day I really realized how long its truly is getting and I must say it took me by surprise. I started to notice that when Im sitting on the couch watching T.V. Im laying against it or when i put my purse on my shoulder my hair gets caughet under the strap. Also that that it sits on my shoulders and is getting in my way.

Can you believe this I am actually complaning that my hair is getting in my way. I must say I am not use to longer hair at least not yet. WHAT?!

I am not much into styles a) they take a long time to accomplish and due to my lifestyle the style last less than a week, b) it pulls on my hair giving me a headache, but I purchased some lock loops about a month ago and I have started using them and I must say that I was pleased with the outcome. I think the curls are very cute on me and the gets my hair off my shoulders with is a plus. What I will say over and over again. I love my hair.