Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 Years 3 Months picture update

Sadly enough I have very little to say about my locs. I have not tried any new hairstyles (not that I did that many to begin with) I have changed in how often I wash my hair though. I now wash my hair every two weeks. No real reason Im just very busy and I tend to wash my hair on the weekend and my weekends have been very busy so I found myself being able to wash it every two weeks instead of once a week. I dont really see the need to wash my hair every week so every two weeks it is until something changes. Im not sure if I metioned this before but I never realize how much my hair has grown until I see picutures. Now Im really starting to notice how much it has grown. Most of the time I keep my hair up in a high pony tail because that how i put my hair up in the morning when I take a shower and I just never take it down. I love the fact that I can be so lazy with my hair but it still look so good. So when I do let my hair down I see and feel how much its laying on my neck and shoulders. So enough with the yacking here are the pictures of my hair that is 3 years and 3 months old.