Monday, September 8, 2008

Tagged Again

Here are the rules:

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  1. I just moved into my first house. It was a pain in the @$$!!!!!! I hate moving….. but I LOVE my new house. I moved to a less crowded area, better school distinct, nicer neighborhood, property value is going up and not down. Any people familiar to the Atlanta area I moved from Snellville to Loganville (sounds country huh LOL?). Im away from the city but not to far from it where people have to pack a lunch to visit me. Its about 30min to Downtown Atlanta.

  2. I am a movie buff; I have seen just about every main stream, and some indie films you can think of. I have a subscription to Netflix and I have seen 1,875 movies and those are just the ones that I have rated on Netflix.

  3. I still watch Cartoons. When there is a new kid movie I use my kids as an excuse to go and see the movie.

  4. I recently started getting into the Egyptian culture, ie gods, goddess, and the symbolism. I have always been interested by it but now Im just starting to research, study and understand at least a little bit of it.

  5. My favorite color(s) are black, brown, blue and white. Not so much blue anymore Im starting to stick with the earth tones but every now and then I will see a shade of blue in something that I have to have.

  6. I have a self appointed addition to chapstick. Only the brand chapstick I have about 10 tubes all around the house. In my car, in a purse, in the bathroom, in my makeup bag, on my nightstand, at work and somehow I will end up losing them all the time. I try to keep a tube all the places that I spend a lot of time in but I always lose them.

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