Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Heart Hurts

I had to share this incident really quick. It really made me think, and it made my heart break. I took my daughter to the Dr office to see about her allergies. When we were called to the back the nurse that weighed her, and took her temp etc took one look at her and told her how beautiful she was. Now that is pretty normal she gets that all the time. Then the nurse goes to say and "Oh my god and your hair is just so beautiful, see you got that good hair. I wish my daughter had good hair like you. Well she does right now because she is only 2 months old. Oh and your eyes I love them, my daughters eyes are brown, I was hoping that they would come out lighter but Oh well." My heart really started to hurt. I felt so bad for that little baby girl. She as only been in the world for two months and the brain washing has already begun not by the world but by the closest person in her little life. I know as she grows she is going to always want to have "good hair" and will do anything she has to in order to get that. I hate how as a society we constantly want to look like something someone other that the way god made us. We yearn to have straighter hair, lighter eyes, some of us even want lighter skin. Even as I type this my heart is breaking, and I want to cry. It makes me so angry mainly because I dont know how to change it. The desire to be other than what we are is so strong and so wide spread that it almost seem like it will never go away. I wish there way for more women and men to love themselves. TRULY love themselves. I want to so badly be able to tell all of these beautiful brown baby girls that you are beautiful just the way you are. You don't need straight hair for the the world to see and love you................ I don't know even know what to say my heart hurts so badly right now.