Thursday, February 26, 2009

Picture updates

In my last update I failed to show pictures of my hair growth from the beginning and now. Forgive me....

This first set of pictures is when day 1 of my sisterlocs. I like to show the growth that I have had over the entire period of locing. I use this also as a reminder to myself that my hair is growing and before I realize it I will be complaining again about needing to cut (even though I just typed that I find it so hard to believe that I will ever say or think that I need to cut my hair).
The second set of pictures is day 1 (as close as I can recall) to day 1 of my braidlocs.
Third set if my 7 month stage. Last but not least the fourth set is my current length at 14 months.

a comic strip!

a comic strip!

a comic strip!

a comic strip!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

15 months

So it about to be March and my locs will be 15 months old. WOW!!! It seems like yesterday that I did my hair. I can remember being jealous of everyone who had their locs longer then I had (well I still am a little jealous), and remember thinking a year is forever.

I’m still very much in love with my hair; I find that I’m not as into it like I was before. I long for the days that I can style it in something other than just letting it hang. I have tried the crinkle look (takes to long to achieve this look and it only last maybe a week if not a drop of water touches it), I don’t think the curly look is for me (based on the fact I have never tried it on my locs and it reminds me of when I was a little girl when I had a press and curl). I have thought about adding hair just for length but my girl friend was about to curse me out saying as much as I get on my soap box about staying true to the natural me, and thats the way God intended me to be and not needing anything fake to make me look beautiful. If I were to do that I would be a big fat hypocrite. So that made me say well yeah I do preach that all the time, but what about my right as a woman to change my mind like the wind. I think the fact that I feel stuck creatively my hair is not such a big deal to me any more. Any suggestions?

Another thing I would like to confess is that although I have said I will try and retighten my hair every 4 weeks.... Well I have a patch containing 36 locs in the crown on my head that has not been touched since Sept 08. Oh GOD!!!!! Just typing that makes me cringe. One might ask why in the world do you have a patch that you have not done?
What had happen was…. I had not even retightened my hair until the end of Jan from the previous time in September. So when I got to that last little patch I was so tired of having to tighten an inch of new growth and since the patch was well hidden I didn’t feel the rush to do it.
In this picture its not real clear but I have my middle, ring, and pinky though the new growth which is 1 ¾ inches.

Now that it's been about month since I last tighten my hair I will hopefully be able to attack those 36 straggling locs.