Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Alright I needs some help here. I’m have been trying to figure out how to attach jewels to my locks. I don’t necessarily want to add them now I think I will wait a few more years but when I do how in the world to I make them stay? I want to say I remember someone saying that you sew the jewelry into your lock to ensure that it won’t slip out. Even still how do you sew it in? do you do it like a button where you just keep going through that same holds, do you knot the string? What if I want to change them? Is that even an option? I want to know if there any other ways before I settle on that one. I have been looking at a few items from a site (New Bein') that I found and it has the exact jewelry I was looking for. I just want to make sure I know what I’m doing before I start.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tagged Again

Here are the rules:

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  1. I just moved into my first house. It was a pain in the @$$!!!!!! I hate moving….. but I LOVE my new house. I moved to a less crowded area, better school distinct, nicer neighborhood, property value is going up and not down. Any people familiar to the Atlanta area I moved from Snellville to Loganville (sounds country huh LOL?). Im away from the city but not to far from it where people have to pack a lunch to visit me. Its about 30min to Downtown Atlanta.

  2. I am a movie buff; I have seen just about every main stream, and some indie films you can think of. I have a subscription to Netflix and I have seen 1,875 movies and those are just the ones that I have rated on Netflix.

  3. I still watch Cartoons. When there is a new kid movie I use my kids as an excuse to go and see the movie.

  4. I recently started getting into the Egyptian culture, ie gods, goddess, and the symbolism. I have always been interested by it but now Im just starting to research, study and understand at least a little bit of it.

  5. My favorite color(s) are black, brown, blue and white. Not so much blue anymore Im starting to stick with the earth tones but every now and then I will see a shade of blue in something that I have to have.

  6. I have a self appointed addition to chapstick. Only the brand chapstick I have about 10 tubes all around the house. In my car, in a purse, in the bathroom, in my makeup bag, on my nightstand, at work and somehow I will end up losing them all the time. I try to keep a tube all the places that I spend a lot of time in but I always lose them.

Now I get to tag 6 lucky people:

  1. Locmocha

  2. Luvlockd

  3. Rchgrl

  4. BrownSuga

  5. Eyedinity

  6. Nickie

Thursday, July 24, 2008

8 months

My braidlocks are now about 8 months old and I have not really noticed a lot of growth except when its time to tighten my hair (which I do every 4 weeks). Everyone who has seen my progress from day one always tells me that they can see how much my hair has grown. I guess because I look at my hair every day I really can’t tell until I look at pictures of my self from different months.

One of my co workers said that she thinks that my hair grows over night; I was actually shocked that she said that because she is still living the lye and I didn’t think that she of all people would even noticed. She also made the comment that she needs to find something to do with her hair because it was so damaged. I had to stop myself from getting on my “Happy to be Nappy” soap box because I have learned that if a person is not ready to let go of the lye no amount of preaching, examples or proof will stop them from slappin that crack on their hair every 6-8 weeks, but I digress back to my hair.

Even though I have braidlocks when I still band my hair (from my SL days) or at least just band the very ends. I only do the ends because they are loose and with the constant rubbing and rinsing I don’t want them to come undone more than they already are. One thing that I have started using is aloe gel. I started using this when I was on vacation. I went to Pensacola for 2 weeks and even though I live in HOTlanta it is no comparison to Florida sun and heat. After only 2 days in FL my hair was just really really dry. Since day one I have only used water in my hair but that was not cutting it anymore. I remember someone saying that Aloe gel is great for added moisture. So with this in mind I went to Wal-Mart in hopes of finding aloe gel, and since I didn’t know where any health food stores where in Pensacola Wal-Mart was my only choose. As soon as I walk into Wal-Mart is see the Aloe gel and it’s in the sunscreen/sunblock section. I don’t know if this is the same stuff that everyone is talking about using but on the front it says 100% pure, so I get it just to see doesn’t hurt to try new things. Long story short I still use it till this day. I went to FL June 1st and it is still keeping my hair nice and soft.

Things that I have noticed about my hair are that I can tell that some of my locks are really starting to lock.

When ever I’m playin in my hair where I’m used to feeling my little curls at the ends but now I feel my curls turning into little balls. That’s make me so excited because that lets me know I am one step closing to being fully locked. Something else that I have noticed is when ever I finger comb my locks in the morning after I have sprayed some water, and aloe gel my hair sheds. It’s not a lot but enough for me to notice it, and sometimes the balls on the ends my locks fall off. I guess this is just another phase that my hair will go though. Also like most people the hair in the front is no closer to being locked than it was on day one. It makes me wonder if they will ever lock, but I don’t really stress about it because I know my hair is going to do what it wants to do when it wants to do it, and its best to just leave it alone.

One of my accomplishments is the fact I can almost put my hair in a pony tail. Well right now it just an “ony tail”. I can only put it up with the front half of my hair, and still have a few stragglers that don’t want to go along with the crowd. What I can do though is put it in two little pony tails with the front half of my hair. With my two little pony tails I look like a little school girl. I actually wore my hair like this while I was on vacation. On the beach I wore a visor and the only way that I could wear it and it be comfortable was to put the top part of my hair up but since its not long enough for a full pony tail I have to put it into two.

That’s about it for my 8 month milestone I don’t know of any other significant details that I have come across that I have not already spoke on. I will say this thought just in case it’s not already obvious. I LOVE MY HAIR and I would not trade it for any other type of hair in the world. It just amazes me that it took me this long to understand that my hair is one of a kind. We are the only race of people on the face of this earth that have the type of hair that we do and I wish more women, and men would realize that it’s a gift and not a curse or something they should be ashamed of.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Patience is a virtue

Alright I think I need a dose of just have some dang patience because the ends of my hair… still loose. They have not sealed up knotted up or done anything they are just there. I have a few things that could contribute to why they could still be loose, ie I just colored my hair, and washing my hair every week, I just would like to know from those who have braidlocs did your ends ever seal, and how long it take. Did you end up cutting the loose ends off? Did you put knots at the ends? Or do I just need to accept that this is apart of what my hair is going to do.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun with Color

For a long time now I have wanted to color my hair the color it was before I started my lock journey. After reading blog after blog and chat forums everyone was saying to wait at least until your hair fully locks to prevent any slippage and the fact the hair my go straight that will also hinder the locking process. First I didn’t know how long my hair would take to fully lock, a year, two years, what ever that case might be I didn’t want to wait that long to color my hair. Being so new to the world of locks I was scared that if I colored my hair before time my locks would be messed up. I got my SL done in July so had I stayed on that path I would have been 9.5 months locked, but since I started over in November I am only 5 months locked. There are about 20 or so that are fully locked so again I didn’t know what to do.
Monday on my way to drop my daughter off at tap/ballet I looked in the rear view mirror was decided that I would color my hair and if it mess up SO WHAT!! It’s my hair and I can always do it over if I needed to that’s the beauty of being a DIYer. So after dropping Jada off I went to Kroger and bought two boxes of Dark and Lovely Golden Bronze color. At the self check out I kept looking at the boxes asking my self if this is what I really wanted to do. Finally I just paid for the boxes and left before I changed my mind for the 100th time. After picking Jada up from class 7:15 then picking up my son (Sean) from my moms house 7:25, then going home making some thing to eat, giving them baths, and ready for bed it was nearing 8:45 which is close to my bed time 9:00-9:30. I knew it would take a long time to twist and band my hair, put the color in, let it sit, wash it out let my hair dry all before I went to bed. So I said I would do it tomorrow.

Tuesday I pick Jada up from School, then pick Sean up from my moms house and Im at home by 5:30 more than enough time to get everything done, and I didn’t have to cook. My grandmother, who lives with my mom, and watches Sean while I’m at work, made my kids dinner. I started doing everything else besides start doing my hair, cleaned the cat litter box out, played a game on the computer, watched a show on TV then I just stopped what I was doing and told myself I wanted to do this so I need to stop playing around and making excuses. I started twisting my hair, and banding it. I didn’t want to twist tight so the color could saturate the natural color of my hair. Mixed both boxes of color then before I could think about it I just globbed it on, and hoped for the best. I was just so tired of changing my mind and thinking the worst was going to happen. I had to do the same thing when I cut my hair. I kept going back and forth with the idea. So after I waited for about 45 mins (although the box says 30 mins) I took my shower cap off and looked at what had changed already. I could see that my roots defiantly took the color well the rest I could not really tell. After I washed all the color out and washed it again about 3 times after that with my own shampoo I looked in the mirror and really couldn’t see any change. Yeah it was lighter just a smidge but nothing really popping out at you. I knew it would not come out the color on the box because of the color I started with but I wanted something just a lighter. Oh well Ill just try again at another time. I let my hair dry wrapped it up and went to bed.

Well when i woke up this morning took my scarf off I could see the color. I was pleased with it still not look at me I colored my high light but I can work with this. I really like it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sisterlocks to Braidlocks by way of Nappylocks

Alright here is the update a lot late but an update all the same. I finally finished redoing my hair 12/5/07 could have been a few days sooner I forgot to take pictures as soon as I was done. Now when I first started redoing my hair I was doing the same “Sisterlock” pattern that was done when they were installed I.E. clockwise; East to West, South to North, West to East, ending the rotation on North to South. With only being able to do about 10 a day and making sure the pattern was tight it was taking me FOREVER, and I was getting frustrated all over again. I was almost tempted to take them all down. So I got another bright idea to just braid them instead. My hair was already parted so it would be easier and quicker, and I would not have to worry about my hair unraveling as much. Needless to say when I started doing my hair this way I was actually seeing progress a lot faster
and I could still maintain them with my Nappyloc tool so all in all I was happy with my decision. Also with me turning my “SL” into Braidlocks I could see the length of my hair and see how much it had actually grown since the first time my “SL” was installed.

After I was done with my hair I was delighted. I could see length; I didn’t have to worry about my hair unraveling and I was still able to achieve the micro lock that I wanted in the very beginning.
Now that I have had my newly redone locks (Braidlocks) for 3 months I can’t be more pleased. Now the only thing that I debate about is when I should celebrate my 1 one year lockversary. Should it be when I got the SL installed or when I finished my Braidlocks?

I have found about 10 SL that I never took out b/c they seem to be settling quite well and didn’t see the purpose of taking me out. Well, those bad boys are locked down. The ends are sealed and feel very dense and they have hang time. Makes me wonder if I had left them alone like most people do if more would have been locked down by now. I don’t really dwell on tate b/c I had to do what made me happy.
I have read a lot of blogs and one thing is consistent. You learn a lot about yourself when you take this journey of locking. I learned that I am not as patient as I thought. More so than ever I am a DIY type person. I take pride in the fact when someone comments on my hair and asks who did it or who keeps it up I can sey ME!!!! If I have not said it before I love my hair and like most people say I wish I would have done this 10 years ago when I first realized locks were beautiful and an accent of our heritage.