Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sisterlocks to Braidlocks by way of Nappylocks

Alright here is the update a lot late but an update all the same. I finally finished redoing my hair 12/5/07 could have been a few days sooner I forgot to take pictures as soon as I was done. Now when I first started redoing my hair I was doing the same “Sisterlock” pattern that was done when they were installed I.E. clockwise; East to West, South to North, West to East, ending the rotation on North to South. With only being able to do about 10 a day and making sure the pattern was tight it was taking me FOREVER, and I was getting frustrated all over again. I was almost tempted to take them all down. So I got another bright idea to just braid them instead. My hair was already parted so it would be easier and quicker, and I would not have to worry about my hair unraveling as much. Needless to say when I started doing my hair this way I was actually seeing progress a lot faster
and I could still maintain them with my Nappyloc tool so all in all I was happy with my decision. Also with me turning my “SL” into Braidlocks I could see the length of my hair and see how much it had actually grown since the first time my “SL” was installed.

After I was done with my hair I was delighted. I could see length; I didn’t have to worry about my hair unraveling and I was still able to achieve the micro lock that I wanted in the very beginning.
Now that I have had my newly redone locks (Braidlocks) for 3 months I can’t be more pleased. Now the only thing that I debate about is when I should celebrate my 1 one year lockversary. Should it be when I got the SL installed or when I finished my Braidlocks?

I have found about 10 SL that I never took out b/c they seem to be settling quite well and didn’t see the purpose of taking me out. Well, those bad boys are locked down. The ends are sealed and feel very dense and they have hang time. Makes me wonder if I had left them alone like most people do if more would have been locked down by now. I don’t really dwell on tate b/c I had to do what made me happy.
I have read a lot of blogs and one thing is consistent. You learn a lot about yourself when you take this journey of locking. I learned that I am not as patient as I thought. More so than ever I am a DIY type person. I take pride in the fact when someone comments on my hair and asks who did it or who keeps it up I can sey ME!!!! If I have not said it before I love my hair and like most people say I wish I would have done this 10 years ago when I first realized locks were beautiful and an accent of our heritage.